Thursday, October 6, 2011

Book in Review

Do you remember this book?
I decided to read it a few weeks ago and focus all of my book reading energy into only this book.

What did I think of it you ask?
I was so lost for most of it... I have no idea what to think to be honest!

As I had expected it was a pretty intense book, and while I did take some things away from it, I found it pretty hard to understand most of the time.
Ms Ann Voskamp writes beautifully and uses discriptions I could never, in a million years, come up with ("The tall girl [her daughter] lets the door swing loose and it slams the fingertips of Little One [other daughter] and she yelps a pain dance of salty tears." ), but she is almost poetic.
And I don't do poetry... I'm not smart enough to understand poetry... it's too... deep...

Would I read it again?
Probably not... unless I get super smart... and into poetry... 

This month I decided to read a basic fiction to give my brain a little rest.

I see it everywhere, from bookshelves to blogs to TV shows... so I decided to be a bit of follower this time and see what the big deal is about this book!

Would you like to read along?

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