Thursday, October 13, 2011

Daily Schedule Binder

At the beginning of last month Emily posted these handy-dandy daily planner sheets that I love.
I love daily lists... an odd amount.
 I take notes and make lists for everything. 
So I loved that these pages were so big and roomy for all my crazy list and note taking adventures during the day. Plus I can put all the kids appointments and what not in the same area as my lists. 

The only problem was that I had no cute binder to put these lovely pages in.
I mean, I have binders. But none that I like enough to look at daily. 
I wanted something prettier.
So I decided to make a fabric cover for my binder.
I understand if you think I'm crazy.
But it turned out super cute and I thought somewhere on this planet someone else out there would enjoy a fantastic fabric covered binder too.
I typed up a little "how to" that you can find here if you're interested. 
It's fun. And cute.
You should do it.

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