Friday, October 14, 2011

To My Mister

My mister and I are not a "mushy" couple. It's just not our thing. I think he had the potential when we started dating but I crushed that possibility quite quickly with my odd and awkward responses to anything overly sweet or sentimental.

(picture taken on our honeymoon)

We have our moments, but they are pretty much never in public or published in any form. Don't get me wrong, we hold hands and touch in public and stuff, we're not that bad, but we don't like... make out or anything... I mean we could... if you wanted to see that, but really... do you want to see that?
I didn't think so.

So it's ok if you gag a little when you read what I've written below... it's ok if you snicker or stick out your tounge and make barfing noises... truth be told if I were a third party reading this, I probably would too.
I'm super mature like that.

But today is a special day for me and my mister and since I can, I figured I'd post a little note to him...
my attempt at being sentimental and mushy...

To My Mister,

Today we celebrate 6 years of marriage, which is straight up cuh-razy cakes to me!

I still remember the first time I drove you home from work reaching alarming speeds on one of the busy roads, running 2 red lights all while talking your ear off. You sat silently, white knuckled, praying for safety all while looking interested in what I was saying. I remember our first date... nothing says romance like Jack Ass the Movie! I remember my first car accident (surprisingly enough, it wasn't my fault!), only a couple of weeks after we started dating; you came to my rescue and sat with me calming me down while we waited for the police to arrive and take my statement. I remember the birth of my 1st nephew and pacing the floor crying my face off while you sat in the kitchen amazed by my crazy emotional response. All these nutty events within the first 6 weeks of our relationship and you still stuck around.

I remember the first time you said "I love you", and I remember the details of when you proposed.

I remember the day you became my husband and I remember the day you became a father. I remember every tear that ran down your cheek the day you met Zac for the first time and the sound of your voice the first time you spoke to him. I remember the difficulties you had sitting with me while I had my c-section for Eli, and I remember your refusal to just wait outside instead of fighting passing out. I remember how you sat with me in the recovery room until I begged you to go and be with Eli, because I would be ok.

I remember the pride I felt for you on your graduation day and the butterflies in my stomach the first time I saw you in uniform.

I remember waking up every morning since the day we said "I do" and thanking God for making you part of my life. I remember how lucky I am and how loved I am every time I look at you.

I love you with all my heart.
Here's to a life time of more memories!
PS - I totally didn't buy you a card... or a gift... sorry...

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