Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Crafts

Every year during Christmas I set out with intense holiday crafting plans and never complete anything on the extensive list.
This year, once again, I had awesome holiday crafts in mind, and have yet to do any of them.
I'm hoping I might be able to pound out one or two before the holidays are officially over, but thought I'd share some of my crafting hopes and dreams with you!
All pictures are from my pinterest account and you should find a link below the picture with the source. If you can't find the source info let me know and I'll happily get it to you

1. Snow Globes! I just love snow globes...
2. Glitter Christmas balls?? ummm, yes please!
3. Yarn wrapped foam Christmas Trees... does life get any better? maybe for some... but not for me!
4. Yarn wrapped wreaths for your Christmas tree, I think these are the cutest things in the world.
5. Yarn Christmas Ball ornaments (ok, so I have a slight obsession with yarn). I remember doing these in my early days of school and am itching to do them with my boys!

Have you done any Christmas crafting?

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