Thursday, December 8, 2011

Handmade Christmas

Our families are very generous at Christmas.
Very generous.
We've always known this, but I think since we've moved it's become even more obvious. We watch box after box arrive at our house from the post office and come Christmas morning the gifts are almost overwhelming. 
Last year the boys actually lost interest in opening gifts about 3/4 of the way threw. 
I remember sitting in front of our tree that evening thinking it was crazy cakes.
I also decided that we really didn't have to buy for our boys at Christmas, as the grandparents do such a great job. 
So, I decided this year all gifts from us were going to be homemade. 
Santa will be delivering a few specific store bought, err... elf made? toys but the ones from us will be made by my, ever so willing, hands.

I'm not looking to make them intense projects but things they will enjoy a lot and mean a bunch to them knowing I made it (Zac loves when I make him things).

 I do have a list that ranges in effort so I decided to start with the most simple project.
Initial Plaques!
Zac knows how to spell his name, but Eli does not. They both know what letter their name starts with though so I often label things with their first initial.
It's something they love and it's something they recognize as theirs, so I thought it would be fun to make up little plaques that can be hung on their bedroom doors.

It's so super simple, I really didn't feel pictures were necessary on the "how to". 
I bought a wooden plaque from the craft section in Walmart, brought it home and painted it! I free handed the letters and the white border so they look a bit rough but I'm still really pleased with how they turned out and I can't wait to see the boys' reactions!
I know they'll love them.

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