Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Matching Game

As mentioned before, my mister and I are trying to give our boys a handmade Christmas this year.

My boys love matching games.
We have a couple of different versions that they simply can not get enough of and I thought I'd add another in, just to switch it up a bit and get them thinking patterns instead of just pictures.
These were super simple and quick to make. 
I opted to use glue, but you can for sure use a sewing machine.
You'll need:
Fabric scraps
Decide how large you would like your cards to be and cut out an even number of rectangles, mine are about 2" wide by 3" high and I cut out 40 to give me a final number of 20 cards.
Cut a "window" into the center of half of your rectangles (mine is roughly 1"x1") and using the piece removed as your template cut a square of fabric slightly larger.
Glue your fabric over the window opening of your rectangle. 
Remember to make 2 cards using the same fabric so you can match them later.
Using your remaining rectangles glue them to the back of the cards with the fabric windows.
Trim up the edges to make them look all pretty and then play away!
I'm really excited about these because the material will not rip or crunch up after a few uses.
I have no doubt, they are going to love this!

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