Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Last Year's Baking

I really don't think it's a secret at this point in our friendship that I love to bake.
I usually bake something once a week or so, but this time of year all bets are off!
I love baking insane amounts of goodies for the holidays and just housing them in my freezer to pull out as needed. Going to a holiday pot luck? Just head to the freezer and make up a nice tray. Having a bunch of friends over? Head to the freezer! Bored one night in front of the TV? The freezer my friend! It's just calling your name.
All of the recipes below survive perfectly in the freezer (except the fudge and possibly the hot chocolate... I never tried to freeze the hot chocolate... since I wanted it, ummm, hot and all...)

I will be repeating a bunch of these recipes this year and even adding some new ones.
 Now to find my stretchy pants!

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Jo said...

Ohh, the biscuits look so good! <3

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