Tuesday, December 6, 2011

One Of A Kind Show

Last weekend my mister gave me the best early Christmas gift!
He took care of the boys while I flew to Toronto, ON and met up with my mom to fill my head with all sorts of creative eye candy at the One of a Kind craft show.
I had two whole nights of undisturbed sleep and an entire day that I didn't have to worry about entertaining my boys.

I'm not sure if I was "allowed" to take pictures while we were in the show, so probably best if you keep these pictures under wraps but I couldn't help myself from sharing.
 Recalling the images and the energy and excitement just isn't the same without a picture.

There were a lot more art pieces then I remember being there previous years but I loved them all.
It's a shame stuffing one of these babies into my overnight luggage isn't exactly an option...
  (I don't have a store link for the middle and right pictures, but the pic on the left can be found here.)

I love seeing the clothes and dress up things that make their way to the show. There is always such amazing talent!

SOOO many amazing things for kids. I bought the boys little superhero stuffies (you can see their legs in the top right picture, in the middle compartment) and mini monster puppets (original size pictured bottom left) and I can not wait to give them to them!
1. KatKaland 2. Monster Factory 3. No website 4. Banjo Puppets

And then there were so many things that simply couldn't be categorized but were still too amazing to pass up showing!
I think the most amazing booth I saw though was The Recycler.
They use old bike parts to make crazy cool tables, chairs, shelves, stools and the list goes on. They were really an amazing booth to wander through and ridiculously inspiring! To be able to look at an old junker bike and make such amazing pieces is mind blowing!!

I was a bit of a nut collecting any and every business card, which left me in a mass of websites to go through in order to share with you. Although I haven't been able to match every picture up with a link (some of the business also don't have websites, opting to only sell at the show), I really hope you check out some that I have included.

My head was ready to explode with ideas by the time that I got home I had to write everything down.
Now to locate my supplies and get started!!

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