Wednesday, November 17, 2010


A little while ago I saw a flannel blanket on Etsy that was being sold for over $100 and I really couldn't figure out why... it just seemed so... simple.
Although I'm new to the world of quilts and blanket making I thought it looked like a lovely blanket that I could whip up in no time.
One night when my hunnie was working I decided to try one out. Just to see if it was as simple in practice as it was in my head and to time how long it took me.

I LOOOVE how it turned out!

Simple, simple, but comfy and cozy and just all round wonderful in my opinion!
Everything a blanket should be.

This past Sunday I went to a baby shower and decided to include one of these blankets as part of the gift.
I found this adorable mountie fabric that worked so well, especially since her husband is an RCMP officer.
I also made up a cute "boy" one that my boys love.
They snuggled right into it the morning after I made it and have cuddled up with it everyday since!

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