Monday, November 29, 2010

Musical Monday: There Goes My Life

So bare with me on this one... it could get a little wordy!

Tomorrow is Zachary's 3rd birthday.
I've been spending the last couple of days remembering as much of my pregnancy with him and his first year as I possibly can, and all I can think of is this song.

Finding out we were expecting him came as a huge surprise to us. We had recently decided (as in a week before we found out) that I would go back to school, hubby was considering changing his career plan into a trade of some sort and that babies would be on hold for 4 years or so.
We made these decisions, life continued, and then I thought something was wrong with me. My body was acting different, I felt horrible and I was achy in places I didn't know could ache. I was planning on booking a dr's appointment to have some tests run but thought I'd try a pregnancy test first... more to rule out the option. Shockingly it was positive.

I was so concerned that my sweetie would be mad at me and accuse me of secretly trying behind his back so I cried... and cried and cried and cried.

He had been out with his brother for the day so when I went to pick him up, I looked at no one, told him I'd be in the car, and tried to find the words to tell him we were having a baby. When he climbed into the car I burst into hysterical sobs! My hubby, naturally assumed it was because of my horrible driving skills and thought I had been in a car accident on my way over. He hopped out of the car, ran around it checking for damage and climbed back in looking me over for possible injuries. I managed to pull myself together enough to blurt out that I was pregnant and then I froze.

He silently turned forward to look out the front windshield, turned the key to start the car and then looked back at me. A sly little smile crept across his face, he did a little fist pump and said "I got you pregnant!".
Go figure!

My pregnancy with Zac was stressful for us. Being as unexpected to us as it was we didn't feel financially ready to begin caring for another person! My hubby started working a night job in addition to his day job, surviving on whatever little sleep he could grab in the evenings between the two and I also picked up a part time job that I would go to right after I completed my full time day job. I was working roughly 12 hour days, while growing a baby and hubby was working 16-18 hours.

In the end, we were able to make enough money to buy a home that fit us and a new baby, hubby had the courage to leap into the career he is currently in despite the challenges he first encountered getting into the field and we have had 3 amazing years falling madly in love with a little boy who's personality develops more and more every day.

During my pregnancy we would often hear this song and cling to it. Hearing how scary it was in the begging and then the loving change that develops as the life of the little girl goes on.
Every time I hear it now I remember sitting in the car driving home from work, starring out the window wondering if having kids was really like the song described it.
3 years later, I wouldn't change the timing of Zac's arrival for anything in the world.

Hope you enjoy the song!
and that you stayed awake for my whole story!!

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Anonymous said...

Still love hearing this story : )
Especially the unexpected fist pump!
<3 K