Friday, November 26, 2010

Inspiration Board

The walls in my craft/sewing/laundry room are a tad depressing.
I decided a little while ago that I need to spice it up a bit and make it a nice inspiring cozy space that I love, especially since I spend most of my "me time" in there.
(sad that I consider doing the laundry "me time"!)

I wanted to add some colour to the room and put some things up on the walls. The walls in that room are completely bare, so my plan is to eventually have them covered with wonderful fabrics and adorable art.
My first project was an inspiration board.
I love how it turned out and thought I'd share some of the "how to" with you!

You'll need some sort of board for the backing (I had a cork board that the previous owners of our house left)
Staple gun
Quilting batting
Scotch Tape
Pins (picture includes push pins, but I ended up using satin sewing pins... I liked the finished look better)

Cut your quilting batting the same size as your board and your fabric roughly 2-5 inches bigger then the board.

Fold the fabric over the board and staple gun it to the board.
When your doing this work opposite sides together. So staple gun the middle of the bottom, then the middle of the top. Sides of the bottom, sides of the top. Then do the same on the sides. Always start from the middle and pull it super tight. If you don't work from the middle out your fabric can go all wonky and look funny when you're done. Once you have the fabric all stapled on you can trim up your fabric.

The corners can be a bit tricky, I usually pinch the fabric together and then lay it flat and staple it down once it's flat.
Another method is to fold the corners like you would with wrapping paper when wrapping a gift.
Flip it over and it looks like a lovely square pillow!
Now it's time to place the ribbon!

I find it easiest to work one direction at a time, so lay the first layer of ribbon down and scotch tape it in place (this will help hold it in the right place when you flip it over to staple it down... it's also WAY easier to get the right placement of the ribbon doing this right side up)

Staple the ribbon down, flip over the board and do the same steps laying the ribbon the opposite way to form diamond like shapes with the ribbon.
You could weave the ribbon a bit if you wanted... I didn't...

Flip it over and it looks so pretty now! I pushed a pin into every spot the ribbons crossed which made it look lovely and bubbly because of the quilting batting that's under there.

Hang it on your wall and start filling it with things that inspire you!
I'm so excited to FINALLY have something up on the wall in that room that I can't stop planning what my next project should be long enough to actually do it.

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