Monday, November 15, 2010

Musical Monday's!

Music plays a pretty big part in my family's everyday life.
My husband always has something on if he's home, the boys are in a music class and I too enjoy a good song or two.
For that reason I have decided to start doing up a "Musical Monday" post every Monday!

I have friends who participate in Wordless Wednesdays, and while I enjoy them to the core, "wordless" just isn't me! I always have LOTS to say!

Along with each song I choose to share I will probably share a little ditty about why I like it, or something it reminds me of... we'll see! It will include my usual ramblings along with a music video for your viewing pleasure!

I've decided that my first, official, "Musical Monday" should include one of my current favourites. I've shared this one before but I really think it's a beautiful song and it gets me every time.
"What Love Really Means" by JJ Heller

Tune in next week for another fave! I'm not sure what it will be just yet... but I'll try to make it a happy upbeat one!
...could be something from Glee...
I do love Glee!!

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