Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lovely Night

Tonight I bought chocolate brownies, with icing and a fudge filled chocolate on top, sugar cookies and egg nog.
Eat those wonderful treats while watching my favorite movie, ever (Stranger than Fiction), and it makes for such a lovely evening.
I have always loved egg nog. Something about it takes me back to my childhood at the holidays. You see, my dad always got it as a special treat around Christmas and we only ever drank it out of small cups.
Small tupperware cups.
Red, orange, yellow and, if you were lucky, green.
The green one was the biggest.

I still can't drink it out of a big glass.
It just doesn't taste right out of a big glass...

The weather has cooled and you can smell the holidays in the air. Although it hasn't snowed yet, there's something about the smell of crisp "winter" air that makes it feel like the holidays.
Curl up under a blanket, with a glass of egg nog, sweet treats and a good movie...
I think we need to put up our Christmas tree tomorrow, because in my mind, the holidays just began!

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