Saturday, November 27, 2010


One of the things I often worry about with my boys is if their feet are cold.
I know... it's weird... and random... but true!
I always put socks on them in the morning when they get dressed and am lucky if they remain on them once they start playing. I have discovered that they will wear slippers though!
I love that about them, I think it seems so old man-ish so I support it entirely!

Getting cute slippers for kids once they are over 12 months can be a surprising challenge, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and make some for them... well decorate them I suppose.

Zac loves pirates.
LOVES pirates!
So I really wanted to make him pirate slippers. They worked out so well and he loved them!
I surprised him with them one morning and he couldn't wait to get them on!
Eli enjoys trains. I did find these train slippers,
but decided they needed a little extra love so I cut out some felt trains to plop on the top.
Instructions for this one could not be easier!

You'll need slippers that fit your little one, pencil and scissors and sticky back felt. The glue on the back of the felt is AMAZING so no extra glue is required. If you can't find the felt with the sticky back then you'll need to use fabric glue.

Clean off the top of your slippers to make sure there's no loose lint or other cruddies.
Draw your picture onto your felt and cut it out.
Peal off the backing on the felt (or put fabric glue onto the back of the felt) and stick it onto the slippers!
BOOM! Done!
(if you need to use fabric glue, you'll need to wait for it to dry...)

Have fun!

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