Monday, January 3, 2011

Ah, Crafting!!

Tonight I pulled out my scrapbooking stuff and had a great time!
I'm doing a little journaling e-course and decided that tonight I needed to get to it and start!
(I'll show pictures of my little creations shortly)
Mama Mia was on TV the other night and I recorded it (hurray for DVR!!), because I have a slight crush on Meryl Streep.
It's not quite over just yet, but so far it's keeping me in great spirits while I sit on the floor with my exacto knife, glue and sparkly foam paper!!!
yah, I'm also completely in love with sparkly foam by the way... AWESOME stuff!

Last month I feel like all I did was bake and take care everyone, as we all seemed to get sick. I have no complaints, I love to bake and taking care of everyone... well that's all part of mothering isn't it? But I did miss the extra time to craft, so tonight felt wonderful!!

My mind's a buzz with all kinds of ideas, I can't wait to share them once they're completed!!

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