Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Zac's Birthday Party

Zac's birthday party was over a full month ago and I'm just now getting around to sharing details!
How horrible am I!!

Zac loves pirates, he always has, so we decided to go with a pirate theme this year. I'm not too wild with themes though because, quite frankly, I'm too cheap to go all out. But I was able to find super deals at the dollar store that I was really excited about.

Way back in the spring I was in Michaels and found a little cupcake liner package that included pirate liners and little pirate flag tooth picks. I scooped them up and tucked them away for the party.
Zac was floored when he saw them!
All other decorating was from the dollar store though, which I am so proud to say!!

The center piece for the table was a little wooden chest filled with chocolate dollar candies and a few jewelry necklaces.
Goody bags for all the kids were also wooden chests, just slightly smaller then the one in the middle of the table, filled with candy necklaces, chocolate dollars and candy rings for the older kids, and playdough for the younger ones. So each kiddo was able to take home some buried treasure!
I was pretty impressed with some of the detail work on the wooden boxes I picked up for the kids, especially since I only paid $1.50 for them!
(I'm hoping you can see the detailing in the picture)
It was a busy day though and Zac ended up falling asleep about an hour into the activities and slept the rest of the party.

Now to start thinking up plans for next year!!

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Sarah said...

Wow Lisa, you sure rocked the Pirate Party!