Sunday, January 2, 2011

Another Belated Christmas Post

I've shared some moments from our Christmas day already, and some of the gifts that my boys received, but I felt like continuing on and sharing some of the things I received that excited me!

I almost always ask for only books for Christmas, this year I didn't ask for many, but I did get some that I'm super excited about, even some I didn't specifically ask for!
See that one tucked in the back? 365 Preschool Crafts and Activities? That was from my mother in law and I am ecstatic about it! I wish I could find it on any kind of online shopping site so I could refer those mothers out there to it, but I can't! So I promise to randomly share some of the great ideas in the book through out the year!!

My parents also go me a self healing cutting mat along with a rotary tool that I can't wait to break in. I have big plans for it and I really think it's going to make my life so much easier.
And the last thing I'm going to share is probably my most favourite gift this year.
I'm excited about it... I'm very excited about it!
Yep, it's a little red note book! My hubby got it for my stocking and I think we were both surprised by just how much I love it, but I really, really do!

Perhaps the saying "Simple Minds, Simple Pleasures" is true?

What was your favourite gift this season?

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Sarah said...

my favourite gift would have to be my new Brother embroidery machine. LOVE IT!!!!
A rotary cutter will change your life forever. Besides patchwork, mine gets used for everything now including cutting a straight line to hem my curtains (cut them, just need to sew them hmmmmm, knew I shouldn't have hung them up to 'just check' the length). Love the 365 book though, can't wait to see some of your crafts!