Friday, January 14, 2011


My brother and sister-in-law gifted the boys some new paints for Christmas.
Zac has been itching to have a go with them and this week I think we've had them out almost every day.
It's funny though, because every time he paints anything (could be a blop or a paint brush drop), he asks me to take a picture of him.
And of course I do!
Unfortunately this is how most of the shots turn out...
This was Eli's first go with paints while I was watching him. Hubby's given them to him before but I'm all paranoid he's going to try and eat them so I've been avoiding it... that being said, he is getting old enough that I can't leave him out of the fun anymore, so I buckled down and handed him over the paint brush this time.
He had a great time too.

I love so much that kids love to create! No matter how much of a mood either of them are in if you ask if they'd like to do a craft they're covered with instant smiles and run to the table to get their hands dirty as fast as their little feet can take them.
Just like their mommy!!

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