Saturday, January 8, 2011


I'm doing an online journaling class that I'm loving!

It's being taught by Janel over at Run with Scissors.

I love seeing her journals so I thought I'd sign up for her New Year New You class.
It's great fun, and surprisingly challenging!
I'm not one to think too deep about my goals or reflect on life, so it's been fun to think a little harder about goals that I'd like to set for myself and how I'd like to better myself over the next year.
(yes I know I spelled "knit" wrong on my page... I'm lost without spell check...)

I'm a few days behind, but thought I'd share what I do have so far.
The idea behind the class is that she gives you prompts and challenges. So a prompt might be something like, set 4-5 goals to accomplish over 2011 and the challenge could be to add cut outs to your sheets to make it a multi page idea (see above photos), to add a fiber to your page, etc.

The next few "assignments" are forcing me to think a little more outside my box then usual for the prompts so it's taking me a bit longer to get them done, but I'm hoping to catch up sometime this week!

I'll share more soon!

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