Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Boys First Fondant Cake

I'm making my brother in law's wedding cake in a couple of weeks and am beginning to panic a little.
There was a time when covering a cake with fondant was relatively effortless and I was fairly confident with my ability to do so. Those times are long gone now though.
I'm pretty out of practice with fondant cakes and have taken the opportunity to practice as much as possible over the past few months, but am still slightly intimidated by the wedding cake I have promised to prepare.

Given my nerves I made a cake the other day and covered it with some marshmallow fondant (easy stuff and way better tasting then the "real" stuff!). I could have used some false/dummy cakes but I find they always work out way better then a real cake and I was looking for practice on the real thing.

It worked out pretty decently, but looked incredibly boring once I covered it...
have you ever heard of these?
They are food coloring markers and they are awesome!!
I unleashed the boys on the cake and let them decorate it until their hearts were content and we sent it in to the hub's work.
Not too shabby for their first decorating job!!


HazelandMare said...

Aww! So cute! I've never heard of marshmallow fondant but it sounds delicious :)

Michelle Clement said...

Oh, cool! What an awesome idea, those pens!!