Wednesday, June 15, 2011


My mister's job causes us to move... a lot.
It's similar to the military I suppose... it's expected that we'll stay in one city/town for 3-5 years and then we'll be moved somewhere else.
It's one of my least favorite things about his job.

Although we've only moved once so far. I'm not exactly a lover of change so moving houses... towns... provinces, you know - at all, is pretty unappealing to me. I like to settle down and get comfortable for a good, long, time.

Close friends of ours are preparing to leave for their next post and it's hitting me pretty hard.
We've had friends leave, but we're pretty close with this couple and their little girl and it's hard to see them go.

They are moving to Northern Labrador which, as I'm sure you can tell by the "northern" description, is a colder place. I'm told there isn't snow on the ground year round, but I do know they recently had a big snow fall, so I made them scarves.
I knitted them scarves actually (!!) as a good bye gift from the 4 of us.
I was pretty excited about them as they were my first knitting project for someone other then myself.
They were super fun to make as I got to experiment with different patterns and what not and now I'm feeling good and confident to move on from scarves to bigger and better knitting projects!
I just have no idea what kind of project to concur now... any suggestions?

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