Thursday, June 9, 2011

Zac's First Dentist Visit

Zac had his first visit to the dentist this week.
I was super nervous he was going to loose his mind once the tools came out.
Thankfully the tray had a few less instruments I have come to expect from my trips.
Have you ever noticed how some of the tools look like medieval torture devices? I do... every time I go I notice that little fact...
He was super good though and let them clean all his teeth without fussing at all!!!
He made his mama so proud!


Ethan Pew said...

He really enjoyed his first dentist visit, huh? Seeing his picture definitely proves that. Did his dentist find any cavities on any of his teeth?

Vernell Leider said...

What a wonderful kid! She was able to smile after the dental check-up! By the way, did she feel nervous at all during the check-up?

Lisa said...

Ethan - they gave him a toy which always makes the visit that much more fun! and yes, they found a small cavity on one of his teeth - made me feel like a horrible mama!
Vernel - he wasn't too nervous. We took him in with us before so he knew what was going to happen.