Friday, June 10, 2011

Lawn Mowers

The boys Great Nana and Great Grandad bought them lawn mowers.
We've been saving them for a nice day and a bit of a surprise but it's become apparent that the rainy season has hit Newfoundland and I'm not too convinced we are going to see the sun for another couple of weeks!

Our lawn was beginning to look like an unkept meadow though so we had to cut it. Hubby pulled out the boys little mowers and they went crazy!! I still can't believe how long they pushed and pulled those little things and they haven't stopped asking to do it again since we put them away!
Hubby and I did a bit of role reversal for the lawn mowing and I did most of it this time. I figure it's good for a marriage to switch things up a bit with household responsibilities. My only complaint is that most "mens work" (taking out the garbage, cutting the grass etc) always leave you stinky while most "womens work" (laundry, cooking etc) creates such wonderful smells... just a little factoid I discovered...

While I was mowing the lawn I discovered that about 75% of the grass has turned into moss. I think the only place still grass covered is the area the boys play, but the rest of the lawn is littered with moss patches. Any suggestions out there on why this happened or how to fix it? We're at a complete loss with this!

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