Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day & Musical Monday: Jason Aldean - The Truth

We are currently traveling to Ontario!!
It's been a year since our last visit and let me tell you, hubby and I are both ready to feel the comforts of "home" again.
That said, over the next little while it may get quiet around here. I still intend to stop in and share what we've been doing, but I doubt I will be as regular with my postings as I have been. I'll still be around though, so keep on checkin' in!

Because we started our travels yesterday and my head was in a bit of a different spot, with packing and all, we celebrated Father's Day a little early this year.
My mister and I are horrible at celebrating Mother's and Father's Days. We usually don't do too much, if anything, for each other but try to at least get a card with the boys.
This year I printed off one of the free printables from Ucreate (mentioned here) and made cookies (using this recipe). I wrapped the cookie jar with an adorable tie print off from Martha Stewart (here) and was pretty pleased with how everything looked once we were finished.
The boys cards say "top 3 reasons my daddy's the best..." it was a bit of a challenge getting some answers (especially from Eli) but I managed and I thought they were so sweet.

Zac's reasons:
1. He plays freeze tag, hide & seek, pirates and puzzles
2. He shares his dessert with me
3. He cleans up my toys

Eli's reasons:
1. He's nice
2. He plays train tracks
3. He helps with my Thomas (the train) Puzzle

and they colored some pictures on the back of "Daddy & Me".
It was too cute (Eli insisted on also coloring "Mommy & Me").

So in honor of Father's Day I decided this weeks Musical Monday should be my misters favorite song. You Tube wont let me put it on here but you can click here to see it!

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