Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Clipboard Hardware Template

I had a really fun time beautifying some clipboards using scrapbook paper and fabric. 
That said I'm huge on making the final project look finished or at least tidy and I wasn't sure how I would do that while working around the clipboard hardware. 
I made a pretty simple template that I've used multiple times and am so pleased I took the 10 seconds to make it!
Wondering how I did it? 
I would be so happy to show you!!
(hopefully with as little confusion as possible!)

Take a scrap of paper that is the same width from the top of the clip board to the bottom of the hardware. Fold the paper on an angle along the sloped side of the hardware and put a little mark where the hardware turns straight downward.
Cut along your folded line (for the slope) and when you get to the mark cut straight down. This should create a piece of paper that fits nicely around your hardware.
Using a separate piece of paper slide it up under the clip until it meets the hardware. Mark where the edge of the hardware is (I found it helpful to draw my marking line quite long).
Using the first template you created set it on top of the second paper you marked and line up your markings for the straight areas of the hardware (remember your first template is made from the side of the clipboard going towards the middle... don't stick your first template in the middle of your second). Trace your first template onto your second template.
I found it helpful to color in the area I was planning on cutting away.
And there you have it! a template for around your clipboard hardware!
If you are going to cover your clipboard with scrapbook paper or fabric, just place this template onto your paper/fabric, trace, cut and voila! it should slide over your hardware with no problems and no noticeable seams in your finished product!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing this! I was driving myself crazy trying to figure out how to do this!

Lisa said...

I'm so happy it helped!