Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April Reads

This month I read two books that I absolutely loved.

The bulk of this story takes place in England in the 1920's. The story is told in first person by Grace, now approaching 99 years old, who worked as a lady's maid during her late teens. While working for the family at Riverton, Grace whitnesses a horrible event which she keeps the true facts secret for her entire life. She is approached by a film maker, while living in a nursing home, who is making a movie of the event based on the details recorded in the history books, which causes Grace to relive her days spent at Riverton.
If you would like to see/hear more about the book (worded far more engaging then I ever could) the author, Kate Morton, did up a little description that can be found on You Tube, here.
I loved this book. I'm actually reading it again right now! Tif (aka Dottie Angel) Fussell writes in a way that warms my heart and makes me feel so cozy. The words make me giggle and the pictures make me swoon. Full of inspiration and laughs, what more could one ask for in a book? 

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