Thursday, May 24, 2012

Single Crochet Blanket

I have decided that I love crochet.
That said, we do not have an easy relationship. We have more of a love hate thing going on. I love it, it hates me.
I have been told over and over and over that crochet is super simple and if I could knit then crochet would be easy peasy.
This, my friends, is a bold faced lie.
Crochet is not easy. In fact I get more tangled up in yarn crocheting then a cat ever could.
I was just about to give up, accept that crochet had defeated me, when I stumbled across this tutorial for an easy baby afghan that is made up completely of single crochets. 
I bought the hook (the size of the hook alone made the project worth it to me, I am so happy to have an S hook in my collection! It's freaky big.) and the yarn and forced myself to sit and try.
It was a rough start and I had to pull out and restart the blanket 3 or 4 times, but once I hit my stride it was magic!
I am so happy with the results and would recommend this tutorial to anyone as a beginner project. Even if you know what you're doing, the blanket it turns out is so sweet and cozy!!
 Now to tackle the infamous granny square!

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