Friday, May 4, 2012

Pretty Pink Blanket

Dear Pretty Pink Blanket,
Why do you insist on tormenting me so?
I lovingly bought your beautiful fabrics 2 years ago. I cut out all your required squares and rectangles taking great efforts to be exact with my measuring as proper measurements are often my downfall. I laid you out all nicely and looked at you everyday for 2 years, promising to give you the attention you deserved "tomorrow". Well "tomorrow" finally came along and I sewed and assembled you with great excitement until it happened. I still don't quite understand it, we were getting on so well, so why, oh why, no matter how hard I try do you refuse to line your finished blocks up?
I have taken blocks apart from other blocks, I have rechecked my measurements I have even ironed, so many times... so why my sweet pink blanket (perhaps you prefer the title "quilt"?) are you being so difficult?
This weekend you and I will spend quality time together and you can whisper your woes in my ear and I will repeatedly apologize for neglecting you for over 700 days. But please take mercy on me and start lining up properly or I will sadly be forced to set you aside once again...

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