Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Food Confession

I would consider myself a bit of a "foodie". 
I love food, have a pretty solid knowledge about it and have tried most things. 
For this reason I often hung my head in shame when people started discussing Red Velvet Cake. How could I love food as much as I do, desserts especially, and never had Red Velvet Cake before??
So I made some. 
I used a store bought box mix, only because it seemed like less effort not knowing exactly how it was supposed to taste and I wanted something pretty reliable on the flavour, and made some cupcakes.
I have to say, they were good but I wasn't over the moon with them. 
My mister loved them and said the combination of the cream cheese icing with the red velvet was delicious but I think I enjoyed the icing the most out of the whole process.
What is your favourite kind of cake?

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