Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Day in the Life

My boys are pretty schedule-y dependent so our days often follow the same pattern.
If you were a fly on the wall, or if you just hung out for the day, at our house this is typically what would happen...
8am the boys wake up and we eat breakfast and slowly gain consciousness.
 9am playtime for the boys; sometimes this includes TV time, book time or dress up/imaginative play. 
I am not a morning person by any definition though so the morning doesn't usually contain many crafty activities or anything that involves too much thought on my part. During this time I also make all the beds, fold and put away any laundry I may have done the night before and empty/reload the dishwasher. On a good/lucky day I also fit a shower in!
10:30 snack time! If we are going out for any reason, playgroups or errands, we usually head out now to do them. If the day is looking like a rough one I may put this off until the afternoon (if I have high hopes that someone might fall asleep in the car), but more often then not we do out outings in the morning. 
If we stay home we usually color or work on "school" sheets around now.
Noon is lunch prep and lunch time. The boys usually play with each other while I get lunch ready either pretending to be superheros, playing with their toy superheros or working on puzzles.
1pm Our afternoons vary in activities quite often depending on everyone's moods, the weather and how busy our morning has been.
If it's a nice day we will head outside and kill a few hours. If it's an "inside" day the boys may paint, do a craft, play with play-doh, play with their toys/imaginations, make a fort, make puzzles or read stories.
If it is a horrible day we will usually do some of the activities just listed or go outside, but also have a quiet time lasting 1-2 hours, depending on what is needed. Our quiet times often consist of a movie or a couple of TV shows and cuddles, snuggled under some blankets with their stuffies on the couch.
3:30 snack time again!
4:30pm my mister arrives home sometime between now and 5:30 and we eat dinner shortly after he arrives.
6pm is the last leg of the day for the boys. If it's nice outside we may go out again to burn off that last bit of energy or my mister may just chase the boys around the house in the way only a daddy can.
We start bath and bedtime routine around 7pm and try to have the boys tucked in and read to by 8:15 or so.
Once the boys are down I get to be a bit selfish with my time. I do my computer stuff, work on any crafting projects that I have on the go and probably watch a show or two with my hunnie. I always try to be in bed by 11pm but it's far more realistic to say I crawl under the sheets around midnight and read until 12:30 or 1am.
Go to sleep and then do it all again! 

Do your days follow a routine or do you just "go with the flow"?

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