Thursday, May 3, 2012

Kiddo Lunches

I'm often asked what I feed the boys for lunches.
Not that I thrive in this department, I think it's just one of those things everyone gets in a rut with and we can all use some new ideas sometime.
As the question has come up a few more times then usual these days I thought I'd show you a "typical" week of lunches for my boys.

We are big on sandwiches in this household. We would eat them every meal without batting an eye.
Eli is a PBandJ kind of guy and would eat it morning noon and night if I would let him. Zac is the same with tuna salad, and both will mow down a cold meat sandwich provided it doesn't have lettuce.
I always try to include either a fruit or a veggie (or both) with the sandwich instead of chips and always a bit of cheese, because... well because it's good.
I don't make grilled cheese too often as it seems to be the only sandwich my boys tend to get moody with, but it usually makes an appearance every other week or so.
Did you know they now have apple sauces with fruits and veggies in them? I was pretty stoked when I saw that and the boys can not get enough of them. I'm going to try and make some of my own, but I can honestly say I am slightly intimidated by getting the right ratio so it doesn't taste too veggie-ish... I'll be sure to let you know how I make out.

I kind of have a freaky hatred for feeding my kids processed meats, so you can judge this lunch and the next if you must, but the boys love them so they are hard to avoid. 
Crackers with meat and cheese and yogurt with a side of ants on a log. I let the boys put their ants on their own logs as it's fun for them and I find they are far more likely to eat something (healthy) if they had a hand in making it. 
 Cheesy noodles (mac and cheese to the rest of the world), turkey bologna, apples, peas and carrots. If we have ham I usually give that instead of the bologna. 
The boys love pizza and would gladly eat it everyday along with their sandwiches. Neither of them will eat the crust on standard pizzas though so I have found that making our own on pita bread usually ensures they will eat the whole thing, especially if they get to make/top their own! I secretly love this one too because I find it just as tasty as "normal" pizzas but far less heavy because of the lack of dough/crust. Just bake them at 350 until the cheese melts and the pita bread is crispy.

And there you have it. Some of our standard lunches. 
What sorts of things do you make for yourself, your kids or your family for lunches? 

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