Thursday, May 31, 2012

May Books

I love reading parenting books.
I'm not sure why though...
I am fairly confident and secure in the choices my mister and I have made for our family and I don't look to change many things or for much advice regarding our parenting style.
That said, I love hearing about how other's parent their children and why they think their way is the "best".
When I was pregnant with Zac I read a bunch of pregnancy and parenting books but haven't really had the chance to completely get into one for the last year or so given how busy the two boys have kept me.
Beyond the Sling and Bringing Up Bebe have caught my eye for a few months now and I have been itching for a chance to sit down and read them.
The boys have been playing exceptionally well together the past few weeks and I have found myself exhausted in the evenings with the desire to curl up with a good book and do little else; so I took the opportunity to pick up these books and get to reading.
The contrast between these two books was so interesting and amusing to read.

Beyond the Sling is about attachment parenting, encouraging co-sleeping, breast feeding for as long as possible, baby wearing, gentle discipline and so forth.

Bringing Up Bebe discusses the difference between American and French (France) parenting styles/philosophies. Basically that Americans are softer with their children and allow them to get away with far more then French families do. The Parasian parenting discussed in the book focuses mainly on setting boundaries and helping your child establish their individuality and independence.

Both are very well written and well researched books and I found both to be very interesting.
However reading these two books, back to back, just confirmed my feelings towards parenting:
No ones knows your family better then you and only you can decide what is right for your family.

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