Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Eli's Birthday Party

My parents flew home Monday afternoon leaving two little boys sorely missing two very special play mates. 
Eli's birthday isn't until mid May but we decided to celebrate a few weeks early while my parents were around to enjoy the excitement.
I didn't do this party up to the same extent that I have in the past for a few personal reasons, but we did decide to have a small BBQ with a few close friends that have kids that my boys absolutely adore.
Sadly I must admit to taking basically no pictures... how horribly embarrassing, I know!
We kept the food simple, BBQing hotdogs and hamburgers, making a few salads, fruit and veggie trays and chips. I also totally cheated on desserts by purchasing sugar cookies and two bite brownies from our grocery store. I only got out a bowl and put in a slight effort making cake mix cupcakes and from scratch icing.
 I had originally planned on doing a train theme decorating with Thomas toys and some fabric I had with Thomas prints, however I forgot (another fail!) so the only aspect of the theme really came in with the party favors which were train whistles, small canisters of M&M mini's and some dee-licious fruit gummies.
 Such a little pumpkin! 
So hard to believe he's going to be 3 in a few short weeks!

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