Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Superhero Quilt

It seems like forever ago that I finished Zac's superhero quilt and I just realized that I never shared any photos!
Shame on me, I know!
soooo.... dum da da duuum!!
here is the finished quilt!
I alternated solid print squares with a striped square (3 rectangles sewn together) and then went around the whole thing with a 3 inch (or so) border.
I'm not usually the sentimental type but I was pretty stoked to repurpose the blue border fabric from some bumper pads I made him for his crib as a baby.
I'm actually so super excited with the finished product and I know Zac will love it.
I am hanging onto it and will pull it out as a special surprise once we're in the new house; something special and exciting for his new room.

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