Friday, May 11, 2012

T-Shirt Yarn

I feel like it's been years since we did a little crafty DIY on here so I thought it was about time to get back in the habit.
Since it has been so long I figured we should start with something that is super easy to ease you back into crafting mode, so today I'm going to walk you through making T-shirt (or Jersey) yarn.

You'll need an old shirt and a pair of good scissors and that my friend, is all!
Fold your shirt in half and cut off the top, chest area (arm pit to arm pit) and the bottom hem. This will leave you with just the middle part of the shirt.
Keep the shirt folded in half, but pull it down about an inch or so, so that the edges are not completely lined up. Cut slits up the shirt but do not cut through the top fold.
You can do the next step by either using a book or your arm, however when just figuring out the process I found a book to be much easier.
You will have a tube of cut up shirt now... slide a book or your arm up the center of the tube so the side  that you did not cut is separated from the side that you did.
This is where it can get complicated. When looking at your fabric you will see where your cut slits match up. Do not cut straight across your fabric as this will just cut a thin tube of your fabric and not a continuous "yarn". SO! Cut on an angle to the slit one over (not directly across) from your starting point. Hopefully the picture below will help illustrate...
Once you've done this for the length of your fabric you will have one long strip of Jersey material. To turn it into a thinner yarn simply tug it gently (length wise) and it will fold in on itself and increase a bit in length (right side of the picture below is pre-tug and left side is post-tug)
And there you have it! 
Wind it into a ball and use as you would typical yarn!!

I have so many plans for this stuff, I can't wait to show and tell all about them!

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