Thursday, November 10, 2011

3 Ways to Beautify a Clipboard

It seems like everywhere I look these days clip boards are becoming ever present.
People are using them as displays, inspiration boards and even home decor.
I've always loved clip boards (when I was little my parents gave me a red book type clipboard that I was obsessed with! It made me feel so grown up and important!) and decided that it was about time for me to get in on this clip board craze.
I wanted mine to be slightly beautified though and a little more pleasing to the eye so I decorated them in three ways that I thought you might be interested in.
I realize not everyone enjoys a pretty clip board the way I do... but you can't deny it, they just look so cute now!!
Option 1 - Cover with scrapbook paper!! 
This could not be simpler! Most scrapbook paper however is shorter then the actual clipboard so you will need to plan on using something as the trim.
Not sure how to work around the hardware at the top of the clip board?? Have no fear! Lisa is here!
(I typed up a quick little instructional that you can find here.)

Option 2 - Chalkboard Paint!!!!
I can't get enough of this stuff lately.

And lastly Option 3 - Fabric and mod-podge baby!
Put mod-podge all over the clip board, cover with your fabric and mod-podge over top! It leaves the back of the clipboard a little unfinished looking, so depending on your plans for this beauty you may want to cut an additional rectangle of fabric and mod-podge onto the back of the clip board... once the front has dried of course.

And there you have it! 
Do you feel that? the extra weight being lifted off your shoulders, that was so rudely caused by your concern over what to do with that ugly clipboard you have sitting in your office?
Yep... glad I could help.


Kara said...

I lovethe chalkboard one:) What a great idea!!

Julianne said...

what a great idea! I found you through the blog hop i'm a new follower i'd love if you followed back!


Irene said...

Wow, that's very creative! You made me look at clipboards differently just now. Loved your idea :-)


Maria Matter said...

Beautiful Lisa!
never thought of turning one of these into a 'chalkboard'! Thanks!