Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Money Bags

My mister and I have always been pretty cautious with our money.
When we first married we had enough money to be comfortable but we had to spend with a little more thought then some.
When I became pregnant and went off on mat leave the first time, my mister had to pick up a second job to help make ends meet; but we figured it out and were even able to purchase our first home!
My mister's current job is wonderful money and we are super blessed with the funds he brings in however; with me not working outside of the home we tend to spend through it pretty quickly.
With the holidays coming up and the cost of travel to see our families (anytime) we once again had to buckle down and watch our spending.

We moved to a strictly cash budget (so all of our variable expenses are paid in cash and we no longer use our credit or debit cards) and were seeing results almost immediately.
Now, I know this is not my usual style of post and I'm sure you're saying "Lisa! I really don't care about your finances." This I know.
But I bet you do care about where I keep the cash!
We keep it in jars to be honest, but when we go out we tuck the bills and change into these lovely little money bags I made!
I love them!! 
I have plans to make more, but at the moment we really only need the three as we never go more then two places at a time.
Why not envelops you ask?
Have you ever put change in envelops? They fall apart pretty quickly.
I sized the bags by opening an envelop up and taking it's measurements, but I used the instructions found here to put them together.
The first time I tried to put in a zipper was a horrible experience and I've avoided it ever since. 
These instructions helped a bunch.
Who knew a zipper foot could make sewing in a zipper so easy?!
pretty amazing thing that zipper foot!

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