Thursday, November 17, 2011

Book in Review

I feel like I am flying through my list of books to read.
Turns out if you focus on 1 book at a time (instead of 8) you actually finish them!!

A couple of weeks ago I started Little Bee by Chris Cleave.

I really wanted to like this book. All the ratings on the back were super positive and it just looked cute.
The description didn't give away too much as "the publisher's did not want to spoil" the story.

Yah... I didn't like it.

I wish I did, I really wanted to... it was just... meh.
I had no attachment to the characters and quite honestly was pretty over the "story" by about the middle of the book.
It's a story of a 16 year old girl (Little Bee) who immigrates to England after almost loosing her life to "the men" who were killing villages in Nigeria to get at the oil underneath their tribes. She is saved on a beach by the other main character, Sarah, who is having marital issues with her husband.
The story follows these two around as they try to sort out their life issues essentially...
Juuuust, not my thing...

So! Moving on!
I have found the last couple reads to be slightly disheartening in my bubble of good books. While they have all been well written, none have completely sucked me in so deep that I can get lost in the characters and the story.
And I like to get lost in books.
What's the point in reading a book if you can't get a little lost, is my opinion.
I decided that due to my current low-ish state of reading, I'm going to re-read some favorites.

I'm taking on The Hunger Games again!!!
I'm so super excited actually. They are turning this series of books into movies and I am beside myself with excitement about them.
Some people have Twilight, other's have Harry Potter, I have The Hunger Games.
My tummy actually does flip flops every time I watch the trailer.

Come on March 23rd!!!!

Have you read any good books lately? I'd love some suggestions!!


Debbie said...

I've never heard of The Hunger Games. But I haven't kept up with books lately either. I used to read all the time and really enjoyed it. A good book can 'take you away'.

Veronica said...

I've got to get reading The Hunger games. I want to get it read before the movie comes out.

Pam said...

I haven't heard of the hunger games either. It sounds interesting. Thanks for linking up with us at Cup of Joe. I'm returning the follow and look forward to reading more.