Saturday, December 8, 2012

H is for Hodge-podge

When I decided to alphabetize the themes for this months posts I went through each letter and thought of possible themes/words to write about. Some letters were easier then others and some I just couldn't narrow it down to one theme.
H is one that I couldn't decide... so many good words/ideas/themes start with the letter H...

Homemade: I could have talked about the dolls and stuffies I made for my little Charlotte to snuggle up with and how awesome I think they turned out!
Haberdashery... quite possibly the best word... ever!
Happiness: I would gush about my family and how happy each one of them make me.
Help: One of the best things about living in Canada is the Parental leave! My mister has been able to take a lot of time off work to help me with the kids and it has been awesome!
My Hunky Hubby: He's growing a beard... I like it, I like to look at it and rub it, I do not, however, like how it feels on my face, which leads us too...
Hanky Panky: There's not much of that going on here... see above.
Home: I would remind you how far we moved from family for my mister's work and how this time of year always has us reflecting on the meaning of "home". I would yammer a bit about how our kids home is here, in Newfoundland, and how we need to start thinking that way as well.
Holiday Baking: I would tell you about my plans to keep it low key this year, for the sake of my waist line, but that my boys had way too much fun making snowman sugar cookies; and that I think I'm going to make those delicious things an annual tradition in our house!
Hope: I could talk about hopes and dreams and goals for the New Year.
Hands: I'm kind of mesmerized by my kiddos hands... they are so small and chubby... I could write about them... but you would see just how odd I can be if I did that...

Seriously... so many H things!
What H topic would you choose?

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Kaylee said...

I quite like the word haberdashery as well!