Monday, December 3, 2012

Musical Monday: Meaghan Smith - It Snowed

I can not believe it's December!! I love Christmas and have secretly been preparing for months now. Zac was due December 1 and whenever we told someone his due date they almost always said how bad they felt for him because his birthday would always be over shadowed by Christmas excitement. For that reason Christmas decorations or preparation do not happen (or are at least kept on the down-low) until after all birthday celebrating has been completed.
So now I can officially let my Christmas loving self free and start the celebrating!
I love Meaghan Smith, I've shared her videos on here a couple of times but thought she was the perfect way to usher in Christmas music to the ol' blog-a-roo (yes, I actually say things like that in real life)!
22 days to go!
Be back soon with a letter "B" post.

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