Friday, December 21, 2012

R is for Reading

This is what my typical (and current) stack of books looks like...
My devotional, a fiction, some sort of self help/improvement read, something inspirational, a hobby/learning read and a cook book. I always have a pile on the go and I slowly putter through each and every one of them, reading them cover to cover (even the cook book).

I am adoring all of these books right now and would recommend them to everyone!
The Daily Message is a super easy way to read the bible daily. There's a bit of a debate over this translation of the bible, but truthfully I think it's that way with every translation. I read it along side some more "traditional" translations but I find it helps me understand everything better.
The Hobbit, my mister has been trying to get me to read this book for years now! With the movie coming out he only agreed to my continued book purchasing one the condition that I finally read this book. It's such a fun read! My only complaint is all the descriptions of landscapes... I'm convinced that this is the difference between male and female writers and readers. Men like trees, and dirt, and rivers. Women like people, and feelings and discussing/building relationships. Men write, in extensive detail, about trees, and dirt, and rivers while women write more about character personalities, feelings and relationships... I'm getting sick of reading about rivers...
Seven, I love this book! Jen is hilarious and totally relatable. I have been struggling with our family's current state of excess and Jen's journal of simplifying her and her family's life is completely inspiring.
Granny Chic, Tif Fussell is my hero.
Respect the Spindle, a great breakdown of how to spin your own yarn with awesome pictures! This book has helped answer a bunch of my questions.
What Katie Ate, so good. Just... so good. Pictures are amazing, food is amazing, everything... amazing. I can't look at this book without getting hungry!

What are you reading?


Kaylee said...

I'm always impressed by how many books you have on the go! My brain only handles one at a time :) I'm reading "A Woman in Berlin: Eight Weeks in the Conquered City". Extremely good so far!

Kalista said...

Squeee!!!! Respect the Spindle!!!! I can't wait to start spinning!!!!