Monday, December 10, 2012

I is for Inspiration


Where do you find your inspiration?
I think inspiration is one of those things that can be found anywhere. I often find mine through people, colours, photos, books, pinterest (hurray for pinterest!) and I know some people find it though nature.
Are you constantly inspired or do you go through fits and phases? Personally I'm a fits and phases kinda gal. I'm often either suffering from inspiration overload or going through a dry spell.
Right now I'm about to burst with all kinds of "inspired" ideas. I have so many plans and desires to create, I just seem to have no time to complete them all. Alas I will, and until that time I have started a new endeavor of printing or writing down anything and everything that inspires me and plopping it into an inspirational journal. Inspiration boards don't work for me, too much of a good thing smacking me in the face whenever I walk into the room, so I have decided a journal is my best option... then I can control the inspirational face smacking going on...

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