Wednesday, December 29, 2010


This year it was a little difficult for me to get into the spirit of Christmas towards the end.
Hubby had to work both Christmas eve and Christmas day nights, which left me, sick, alone and playing Santa by my lonesome and ever so Scroogy.

Last night I did a mid-night run to the hospital (our "after hours clinic") to have a Dr look at me. He confirmed that I have an ear infection in both ears, plus a sinus infection. When he listened to my breathing and looked in my throat all he said was "hmmm" and "yep", so I have no idea what that means. I'm on stuff now though, to make me feel better, which is all I wanted!

Because I'm starting to get some energy back, we decided to take our decorations down today which normally leaves me feeling a little deflated. This year though it doesn't really feel like Christmas actually came. The only remaining proof is all the new loot (which I am not at all complaining about!). I wasn't sad to put anything away except the stockings my mother made us. I think I could have them up all year round! I love them so much!
The body of the stocking is quilted and she's hand embroidered our names along the top of each. She's been making them the past couple of years and with two new grandbabies on the way this year (not from me) she's going to have her hands busy again. It's proven to be quite the labour of love on her part, but what could be a better family heirloom?

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Sarah said...

The stockings look great. You sure do have a talented Mum! glad that you got some drugs and hope that you are feeling better soon.